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Stay tuned for more shows coming soon... just focusing on writing right now!


Julia Bruce has performed stand-up for over thirteen years across Canada and in parts of the US. Her joke about women peeing on toilet seats has garnered more than thirty-four thousand YouTube views, while a joke about not understanding why people hate period jokes has over thirteen thousand views (and surprisingly only eleven dislikes!).

For many years she performed sketch and improv comedy and recently wrote for the Canadian television show 22 Minutes. She also wrote a one-act play, The Loaf, which won first place in a national student competition and second in the international portion. As well, she has acted in numerous commercials and television shows.

She has a BFA in Theatre from Simon Fraser University, a certificate in Comedy Writing and Performance from Humber College, where she received the Phil Hartman Award for top student, and has taken television and screenwriting courses at the University of Toronto.

Julia recently completed her third screenplay, Day Zero, about the US running out of water and adopting a strict one child policy. She is now developing a screenplay about the women who stopped passage of the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment).

When not writing, Julia spends most of her time quietly banging her head against a wall while smelling roses.