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My mom always tells me I came into this world angry and that I've never changed. I think she feels responsible for my unrest somehow but it wasn't her fault, I had bad gas. My stomach hurt and I'll never get over it. Once a colicy baby, always a colicy baby.

I don't know why I'm such an angry person, I don't want to be. I think everyone reading this is lovely but in my head right now I'm giving you the finger and peeing in your drink. Why? Why can't I just be happy? Even when I'm genuinely happy about something all I can think is, "this won't last long."

I wish I could be one of those people who go through life just singing a happy song, totally oblivious to all the bad things, you know, a Republican. God I wish I was stupid. It must be so freeing to not understand anything, to never see the big picture, or think that the "big picture" means the giant family photo on the mantel. To wake up and be content with your life and say, "this trailer is all I have and it's all I and my 9 kids need." That must be wonderful. When I wake up I think, "Are 300 threadcount sheets really the best I can do?" I do a genius level sudoku puzzle everyday but I'm thinking about stopping so that my brain will start to atrophy a little. Maybe I'll start playing Angry Birds. That'll numb me a little bit. 

But the ironic thing is, and I can't speak for other "angry" people though I suspect they're the same, what I'm angry about the most is when I see people being treated differently or poorly. When someone is being taken advantage of or disrespected it makes me so sad that I get angry. I guess it might be true that comedians are the saddest people and this is how we channel it but I am such a suck. Everything makes me cry. I have indentations on my face from tears I cry so much, and I still have bad gas; I'm still a colicy baby.

If people were nice to each other, held doors, waved when you let them in your lane, treated people like equals, then comedy would be much less interesting. I think I wouldn't be doing it because what the hell would I have to say? "Don't you hate ketchup bottles!?" That doesn't matter.

I'd give anything to live in a world where I'm not angry anymore. I'll always have gas though 'cause I love cheese too much. Who are we kidding, I love me my cheesy cheesy gas, but to live in a world where people truly see other people? Well, I might almost start believing in God. 


Paper Bag Princess

Over the last few weeks the number of views my web site receives has increased from 30 a day on average to over 300 a day. At first I thought this must have to do with the contest that I'm in for XM radio. I figured that people were listening to the clip and then looking me up.

Then I received 100 hits the day after my brother-in-laws wedding so I figured all the guests from the wedding had gone home to look up who that crazy dancing drunk girl was.

But it's continued and the number of hits has increased every day. Could it be? Am I gaining popularity? Are people seeing me perform and telling everyone they know to check me out?

Then I noticed a function on my web site where I can see what people are actually looking at and suddenly it all came together. 99% of people going to my web site were looking at the picture of me dressed like a paper bag princess. That's it. That's all they are looking at.

But why? The same reason I googled paper bag princess a year ago; people are looking it up in order to make Halloween costumes! People who hate Halloween and don't want to put any effort into a costume but are being forced to dress up in a silly costume and go over to their friends house and act like they're having a good time. These are the people looking at my picture and nothing else on this site. They don't even realize how close they are to experiencing pure joy because they haven't bothered to look at anything else.

The world is a sad place and I'm here to help, but I can only lead you to the water. It is up to each spite filled, "I'd rather stay home and drink alone" person out there to look further into my site when looking up how to make the easiest and cheapest costume ever. So slow down, watch a video, and just know that even though you didn't even try with your costume and it only cost you $5, people will love it. They will reminisce about their parents reading the story to them and will take their picture with you to show other people, and if you put it on a web site, then next year you too will have 2000 hits. And let's be honest, it's all about getting the most exposure for the least amount of work, right?

Happy f#*%ing Halloween!


My Comedy Evolution

When I first started doing stand up I remember a very experienced comic telling me that I was writing the "typical" newcomer jokes. At the time I was insulted and thought he just didn't understand how brilliant I wad but now that I have been doing it longer I'm starting to see what he meant. When you go to an open mic and see new comics you see them talking about the same topics we all did and they all have that delivery of, "nobody else has ever thought of this."

1. There are a lot of jokes that include dialogue back and forth between the comic and someone who isn't there: "so the stripper says 'let me dance for you' and I say 'only if you don't talk' and she says 'what's wrong with my voice' and I say 'you're talking' and she says 'oh sorry'." A lot of people start doing stand up because they're the "funny friend" so instead of writing jokes they just repeat stories that were funny at the time.

2. Jokes about Jesus and God. Everybody has a Jesus joke. Everybody.

3. Really personal stories that you shouldn't be sharing. These usually include weird sexual acts, revealing something about your spouse that they probably wouldn't want discussed, or admitting you're a virgin. These are all extremely common and make the audience feel awkward for you.

It's not a bad thing and I'm not saying the jokes aren't funny, but the evolution of a comic is clearer to me now.

Here's my evolution as I see it:

When I first started doing stand up I wanted to be a clean comic. I wanted to be just like Jerry Seinfeld. If I could be clean and accessible like him then I would be famous and rich in no time.

Then one day I was thinking about how much I hate period jokes and how many people had told me not to tell period jokes and it made me mad. Who are they to tell me what I can and can't talk about? So I wrote the most disgusting period joke I could think of and it killed. Thus began my "shock and awe" stage. I can look pretty sweet and innocent so I can get laughs by telling really dirty jokes that other comics might not get away with. I was pretty sure that I was revolutionizing comedy. I'm sure nobody else had ever talked about not liking children, brazilian waxing, and relationships from a female perspective?!

I've been stuck in this stage for a long time now because it gets me laughs, but recently have come to a realization: it's not getting me anywhere. With the type of humour I have been doing I can't perform on tv or at festivals and I can't sustain the laughter for more than 25 mintues. An hour of dirty jokes is too much. It's draining and starts to get repetitive.

So now I'm trying to clean up my act, literally.

The newest evolution involves finding topics that I find interesting while holding back on the sex and swearing. It sucks. It bores me and it's hard. Everytime I try to write a joke I find myself thinking, "how will I end this joke about painting...I know! Blow job! No!" I can't keep falling back on the easy laughs. I need to write a clever "cleaned up" set for festivals and a squeaky clean set for corporate gigs. And I need to hurry up and do it.

It's here in writing so now I have to do it. Cross your fingers for me and if you see me on the street please feel free to tell me something really dirty, it will help relax me.


Elitist Cyclists!

In the current issue of The Village Post in Toronto there is an article comparing downtown to the suburbs. Mayor Rob Ford's former campaign manager, Nick Kouvalis, is chosen to, surprise suprise, represent the suburbs. He claims that there really aren't any differences between those living in the suburbs and those living downtown because we all don't want to pay more taxes. He then goes on to say that it's a small group of "elitists" who are ruining it for everyone with their demands for more bike lanes and public transit. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never heard cyclists or public transit users referred to as "elitist". I thought the term was poor. At the very least environmentally conscious.

Nick doesn't think there's any difference between the suburbs and downtown? Wrong Nick, you just demonstrated it perfectly. People who live in the suburbs all own cars because they live in the middle of nowhere so have no choice but to drive everywhere. Even those who live near strip malls filled with big box stores are more likely to drive the two blocks than walk. People who live downtown are less likely to own cars because they can walk or cycle everywhere, hence why they live downtown. We downtown dwellers pay a lot for the right to live downtown and we chose to spend our money on location vs suburbanites who prefer owning a 3000 square foot cookie cutter home filled with half furnished rooms that maybe get used once a year.

You chose to live in the middle of nowhere, you chose to get a job downtown, you chose to buy a car that's probably not fuel efficient and way too big for what you need (F150), you chose the commute knowing how far, long, and expensive it would be. So don't hold downtown dwellers accountable for your choices. Stop trying to make downtown into the suburbs, we don't want your life! We want to live in a world where the environment matters, where you interact with the people around you whether on bike, foot, or public transportation, where community isn't based on the size of your lot but by the community that surrounds it.

If none of this is getting through to the suburbanites reading this then how about this, one day your kids are going to grow up and hopefully want a further education. Should they choose to go to a school in Toronto, public transit and bikes are going to be the only way they can afford to get around. So if you won't care about Toronto for yourself, care about its future for your kids. After all, most of us downtown dwellers don't have kids and yet we are the ones worried about the future of this world!? Parents need to stop being so small minded and start caring too. I won't be here in fifty years so why do I care if your kids can't breath? I care because I live in a community that interacts on a human level where you actually see others everytime you step out of your door, not on a "we need to buy the house with the biggest garage and lot so everyone can see we matter" level.

That's why downtown and the suburbs are different.



So the US lost their AAA rating on Friday. To which 99% of the world said, "What? The quality of their beef has gone down?" But no, it means that their credit rating as a country went down, and their meat was always crappy. In layman terms it means that the interest rate America is going to pay on its multi-trillion dollar debts just went from around 3% to probably around 16%. Which means the country basically went from being a first world nation to a second world nation overnight, or at least that's how the Republicans will spin it.

The truth is England is probably feeling pretty proud of their little Canada right now. When their two kids, Canada and America, left home England behaved like Italian parents would, they were sad and begged them to come back and live in the basement again. But once they realized they weren't coming back, they became Asian parents and wanted us to send money. For years other countries must have asked England how Canada's doing and how proud England must be of America who they see in the papers all the time making quite the name for themselves. But Canada was patient. He didn't always make the papers but stayed the course putting in place long term goals for himself that he has slowly accomplished. America clawed his way to the top like a sham wow salesman and like infomercial salesmen before him, he finally succumbed to all the cocaine and heroine he ingested. Canada is sad to see America go. It's hard being the sibling of an idiot savant but Canada always nodded and smiled whenever America came over for a higher alcohol content beer. At the funeral Canada is expected to speak on behalf of the estranged family. In attendance will be many former friends, friends who have bore years of insults from America such as, "socialist!" "liberals!" and "people loving hippies!"  friends who still have AAA ratings and employed, healthy citizens. The tombstone will be simple:



July 4, 1776- August 5, 2011

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.