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Dark Visions


W Network/Gavin Smith 

Brain Attack       Principal

Discovery Channel/Sid Bennett

Corner Gas Comic Genius

      Contestant Comedy Network/Brent Butt

Ghostly Encounters

      Principal W Network/Phil Earnshaw

Clumsy Lovers

      Principal Spy Films/Stephen Scott

Video Store

      Principal Humber/Rebecca Addelman

The Intruder

      Principal Humber/David Groen

Social Politeness

      Principal One Shot Prod./Julia Bruce

Lost Audition Tapes

      Principal One Shot Prod./Julia Bruce

No Name

      Principal SFU Film/Shane Abrahams

The Life of a Bride

      Principal H2O Productions/Claire Waters




Straight Down the YouTube

      Sketch The Second City Training/Andrew Currie

Show With No Name

      Improv Bad Dog Theatre

A Night at the Improv

      Improv Bad Dog Theatre/Numerous Appearances

That Friday Night Show

      Improv Bad Dog Theatre

The Workshop Show

      Improv Bad Dog Theatre/Bruce Hunter

Not Without My Arm

      Sketch Troupe Numerous Shows

Girls Gone Funny

      Sketch Troupe Numerous Shows

Diddley and Squat

      Improv Whimsical Picnic

Cutting Room Floored

      Sketch Troupe Numerous Shows/Bad Dog

University of Guelph

      Ensemble Independent Players/Kevin Keen

God, Am I Funny?

      Ensemble Humber College/Lewis Baumander

Who's Got a Rash Show

      Ensemble Humber/Robin Duke, David Flaherty

I Can Stop Whenever I Want

      Ensemble SFU Theatre/Andrea Johnston


      Ensemble Black Box Theatre/Don Kugler

The Bitter, Sweet, Salty and Sour

      Ensemble Black Box Theatre/Heather Doerkson

Death and Delirium, the Musical

      Ensemble Black Box Theatre/Kristian Ayre


      Ensemble Black Box Theatre/Julia Bruce


      Ensemble SFU Theatre/Miranda Huba

Caps Pub

      Improv Humber North/Linda Ellis

Yuk Yuk's (Toronto)

      Stand-Up Professional Performer

Riffin' at the Griffin

      Stand-Up Numerous Live Appearances

Rivoli, Alt Dot

      Stand-Up Numerous Live Appearances


      Stand-Up Guest Appearances

Eton House

      Stand-Up Guest Appearance



      Principal Black Box Theatre/M.C. James

The Saint Plays: 16670

      Principal SFU Theatre/Heidi Taylor

Wholly Joan's

      Actor SFU Theatre/Heidi Taylor

The Day Room

      Actor Reality Under Siege/Kathleen Pollard




The Second City

      Master Class Doug Morency

Bad Dog Theatre

      Master Class Bruce Hunter

Bad Dog Theatre

      Sketch Writing Bruce Hunter

Bad Dog Theatre

      Harold Carmine Lucarelli

The Second City

      Conservatory Program Steve Morel, Jack Mosshammer

Humber College

      Comedy Writing/Performing Robin Duke, Melody Johnson

Simon Fraser University

      Theatre Major Penelope Stella, Don Kugler

Vancouver Theatre Sports League

      Advanced Improvisation Nancy Robertson, Michael Robinson

Alberta Ballet

      Modern/Ballet (9 years) Barbara Moore, Catherine Proust
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